Johnnys Speak: Johnnys and you may Wedding + Dating

Johnnys Speak: Johnnys and you may Wedding + Dating

Most people in the Johnnys fandom know regarding the Jin Akanishi’s present wedding so you can Kuroki Meisa early in February and you can it’s been a fairly hot thing while the. The thing that makes that? This should seem like just casual rumors that you would pick throughout the tabloids on celebrities in the usa, in the realm of Johnnys, and you will East-Western idols, it is a big deal. People keeps questioned, “Exactly why is it eg a big deal?” together with question is tough to respond to, unless you’re always the way the industry work as a whole. I needed it Johnnys Keep in touch with be about Johnnys and Relationship due to Jin’s latest marriage and get noticed white into good section of the situation many overseas admirers, just like me, would not understand. I will not be speaking of Jin’s relationship particularly, but these are the marriages from Johnnys (and you will East-Far-eastern idols) vary versus erican/ west a-listers and how I’m sure Johnnys to track down partnered.


Before getting toward marriage and matchmaking, I believe it is very important give an explanation for administration program regarding idols on the eastern. I pointed out this a previous Johnnys Chat article, but the majority idols (and you will celebrities) in East Asia are treated by an agency. That it agencies will act as a mediator involving the idol while the people who want this new idol to own work, including create the overall plan and you will what they carry out due to their jobs given that a keen idol. While i know it, west celebs do not have a company, but simply an employer otherwise a pr individual that interacts which have the push and you may mediates between other individuals who want to do organization with these people. Inside Eastern China, the newest idol will receive an employer however they only create brand new activities of one’s idol, maybe not actually provide the idol works. Addititionally there is an entire steps from management to possess big organizations such Johnnys, and perhaps the abilities will not even have their own private director, however, a team director instead. It’s the agency’s occupations in order to designate work to the newest idols that comes for the out-of outside offer, together with designate work with the new core out-of whatever they do, which is staying in a singing category.

Laws and you can Picture

Plus government by the a company appear rigorous laws and regulations, which includes guidelines regarding the matchmaking and relationships. This isn’t just Johnnys, but the majority idol organizations and talent organizations, whether or not per your rules are different. AKB48 and also the most other groups regarding the “48” have this type of rules. For individuals who split these types of legislation, you will be kicked from the category or “questioned so you’re able to resign”. Johnnys isn’t really also tight from the matchmaking with respect to bringing kicked from the agencies, however they are expected to store the latest relationship extremely private and you can out of the personal eye. When the a great Johnnys try trapped relationships, oftentimes it would be rejected as well as the agency (to your both parties’ part) commonly release a formal report that they’re merely loved ones, regardless if that’s true or perhaps not. Johnnys cannot score knocked out from the agency due to one, but most other skill enterprises is stricter. The same goes which have matrimony, but there are other tight laws about this inside Johnnys. Things have to undergo the agency regarding your ability that they create, of delegating functions, so you’re able to who they really are dating, and when they will wed. Exactly why are indeed there many of these laws and regulations and exactly why do what you have to go through the agency? It is all regarding visualize.

An enthusiastic idol’s (and celebrity’s) image is everything in Japan, and you can Eastern Asia. What company the brand new idol matches is additionally an indicator on which style of picture that idol is supposed to portray. Regarding Johnnys, he or she is supposed to be good looking, clean-cut guys that appear individually to all or any women. The key listed here is “look for your family to all or any feminine”. Just how can a beneficial Johnnys search for you to all women when he was dating people or perhaps is hitched? That is my personal providers scholar front side developing, exactly what whether it picture is actually discolored by dating some body or getting married? One idol is no longer marketable to your agency. If the an idols is not valuable any longer, that makes it more difficult into the company to acquire work to possess the fresh idol, and thus he or kuka on Saksa: n kaunein tyttГ¶ she is keeping someone on that doesn’t generate them currency. Very, the fresh new idol must stay glued to such rules or risk to-be an accountability into the service. It’s harsh, sure, but managing idols remains a corporate.