How to make a banking app? Ultimate Guide

Appventurez has got a great deal of experience in the field of fintech app development. The company consists of proficient developers, designers, and testers well-versed in developing banking apps and digital wallet solutions. They not only build a banking app as per your demands but also pay attention to the overall project for a scope of improvement at every stage of development. This goes for all types of mobile apps for banks – be it a digital wallet, an application just for card management, or a complete banking application. The more features you will incorporate into your mobile banking app, the longer it will take to build it.

build a banking app

companies usually build such mobile apps with HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, and PhoneGap. Also,
they run these internet banking solutions using a specific container. That enables mobile
banking app developers to embed such solutions in native apps. The popularity of mobile banking applications came during the pandemic when people were required to transfer money to one another without touching or getting in contact. However, the developers must put a lot of effort into mobile banking app development to put all the services required by the customer from a bank.

How We Built the Backend for a Banking App in 2 Months

Fortunately, a prototype requires 10x fewer resources to build and verify than developing a full-fledged mobile app. And developing a smartphone banking app is no easy feat, requiring lots of resources (more on that later). Easy access to the rest of bank products within a mobile app ensures you will get maximum value per customer. At the same time, customers can take out a loan right where they are, in the moment, without having to visit a physical office.

This means that before starting to work on a product, it is important to check whether the planned functionality complies with all these policies. In 2015, it was only $0.6 billion, and by 2020, it reached $3.6 billion. Is this not an indicator of the fundamental need for an application for each bank? Assess the costs ahead of time and set clear deliverables for the development team to follow. The more granular and tangible the approach to delivery is, the less chance there is that you will be disappointed or tricked into paying for an endless project. Revolut (4.7 App Store rating), a UK-based online bank and app, takes the user experience to the next level, placing it at the near top of what Revolut is as a business.


They can answer questions, provide information about banking operations, help clients navigate to necessary sections of the manual on a website, or else. Bank clients can perform various banking operations with the help of voice assistants like Siri or Google Assistant. Voice recognition technology is highly trending right now since it lets you do so many things What is a Cloud Engineer and How Do You Become One? hands-free. Generally, mobile-only banks can serve only individuals, since entities require complex legal documentation to operate with a bank. Nevertheless, having only those clients who use an app-only bank for their personal needs has its benefits. Another effective way to drive customers to download an app is to place a smart banner on the bank’s website.

These apps are very much famous among users nowadays as it allows the user to make payment anywhere in an easy way. The users can add credit or debit cards on their mobile phones and can make a purchase online or in-store whenever they want to. The problem now comes from understanding the app in the languages they are available. Banking apps are available in multiple languages to break the barriers of language difficulty also. This reduces the confusion that you would otherwise face in the operation of the application.

How to Create a Mobile Banking App?

Identify what user problems you want to solve and implement the features solving them to achieve your goals. Customers get fast and convenient service, while banks save a lot of money crossing out the branch-related expenses. You can also extend your existing security solution with alert notifications of possible customer account fraud.

The overall cost to create a mobile banking app can vary from $30,000 to $300,000. The cost can further increase or decrease as per the app’s overall complexity as well as the feature list. Some of the other factors that also impact the cost of banking apps include the app’s design, location and hourly rate of the developers, quality assurance costs etc. But, how to develop a mobile banking system that will win the trust and hearts of consumers? At MindK, we’ve developed custom solutions for the financial industry for a while and know which mistakes in the development process come at a high cost. So, here we discuss how to create a banking app able to give a lift to your business while avoiding common mistakes.

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