Lobel alludes to new characters ?, ? and you may ? due to the fact extremely important relative characters to possess their dating

Lobel alludes to new characters ?, ? and you may ? due to the fact extremely important relative characters to possess their dating

The first thing that catches the attention ‘s the relatively thin and significant means the fresh new characters are written. The fresh new lines of your ?, particularly, are incredibly small you to in-line 10 Roberts reads an excellent ? instead of an ?. In spite of the uncial handwriting, the fresh ? is not authored such as for instance an investment Latin “M”, but alternatively is comparable to a couple of adjacent “1”s from inside the Latin cursive; brand new crossbar of your ? is within the higher third from the fresh new letter. The new ?, like the ?, is very peculiar and you will corresponds to a good Latin “V”, since ? represents an inverted “V”; the usual extension of best diagonal to reach the top kept will not take place. The fresh new ? consists of one or two separate parts. There was an evident pit involving the vertical downstroke as well as the a couple diagonals, being drawn in one brush. This kind of this new ? exists, including, during the good psalm fragment on very first 1 / 2 of the eighth century, P.Amst. I 21 fourteen . The new crossbar of one’s ? authored high up is additionally found in good liturgical calendar from the year 535/6, the newest P.Oxy. 1357 sixteen . The type of the brand new ? thereon papyrus together with resembles the fresh new means found in P.Ryl. III 470. The newest ? in this papyrus, but not, compared with P.Ryl. III 470, is created as the a continuing letter. The brand new ? within the P.Oxy. 1357 have an excellent diagonal stroke to reach the top leftover, throughout fragment P.Ryl. III 470 it is composed eg an excellent triangle. The fresh aforementioned style of brand new ?, an identical sorts of new ?, the above-said sort of brand new ? and you may an ? with furthermore small strokes can also be found when you look at the P.Berol 13269, that is assigned to the new 7th/8th Century 16 . P.Lond. 1817, old in the sixth century, nonetheless alternates within uncial therefore the more than-stated types of the newest ?, and parallels on the Manchester fragment exists pertaining to the fresh ? as well as the ?, given that gap between them components of the fresh ? when you look at the P. Lond. 1817 isn’t as large as with P.Ryl. III 470 17 . According to research by the relative texts quoted, P.Ryl. III, 470 belongs between your 6th and you may seventh years. This new fifth century try unrealistic as big date from supply, however, can’t be entirely ruled out. The use of brown ink, where there’s absolutely no proof prior to the last century, along with products within this guidelines 18 .

To put it briefly it may be mentioned that an online dating on the 3rd otherwise last century need to be considered extremely unlikely

13. Within comes to an end of your strokes off ?, ?, ?, ?, and ? try small spots of ink that provide the writing an artificial, otherwise, because the Lobel place it, attractive looks. To own a comparable sensation when you look at the enchanting messages, cf. p. eight col. 17; pt ten; p. 36 col. 2; P. 36 Col. 7 within the: K. Klassendanz, Papyri Graecae Magicae. Die griechischen Zauberpapyri (=This new Greek Enchanting Papyri) II, Stuttgart next ed. 1974.

In terms of paleographic dating, it must be detailed one to majuscule manuscripts, as Roberts themselves produces inside the feedback, are very difficult to time

18. I’m indebted so you’re able to H. Harrauer on the discussion. Get a hold of look at the website and additionally V. Gardthausen, Griechische Palaographie 1: Das Buchwesen i’m Altertum und i will be byzantinischen Mittelalter, Leipzig second ed. 1911, 203-217. The guy produces (p.205) that within the fifth century Advertisement “a brown, along with steel ink came into use” and you can estimates Schubart in this perspective within the notice 5 to the exact same web page, which talks off a brown-red ink , that can be found about papyri about next century Advertising. Meanwhile, the greater number of rewarding brownish ink was just used for important messages.