The audience is these are an industry whoever sole device is predicated nearly solely with the their sexual titillation stamina, i

The audience is these are an industry whoever sole device is predicated nearly solely with the their sexual titillation stamina, i

elizabeth., women can’t time while they need to perpetuate new dream one their fans has actually an opportunity to become sexual with these people. The fresh new moving and you may singing is secondary on genuine selling point. I’m sure it. You understand they. The professionals understand it. Such females understand it. And you may worst of the many, its mothers understand it.

And don’t even rating myself started to your absurdity from suggesting when these types of girls’ moms and dads are ok inside, following that which you need to of course end up being ok. New activities business earth more was plagued by new heartbreaking, busted wreckage off boy entertainers whoever mothers pimped her or him off to a since a fast path to money and you may spirits under the newest hopes you to definitely their child will be the 2nd big issue.

At the same time, Japan continuously ranking about 100th percentile having places when it comes of sex parity, with women from the a formidable drawback since Japanese society trundles towards this new twenty-first 100 years unabashedly favoring and extolling the brand new virtues from a great patriarchy one to possess people solidly from the height of one’s economic and you may societal pecking acquisition.

Against this background, people lesser, eg individual that was 11, a dozen, otherwise thirteen certainly cannot contain the psychological maturity otherwise qualities to make whichever it really is told decision whenever signing this type of ludicrous contracts, regardless of the parents’ involvement in the act.

And i also would not even enter the stupidity people implying one an unlawful offer gets for some reason magically appropriate and you may binding by advantage regarding mom and dad signing out-of inside it.


it isn’t much different to breeding dogs, keep the genders in various pencils until it is time so you’re able to breed otherwise whenever truth be told there too old to execute (such as battle ponies) place them so you’re able to pasture, or slash him or her sagging within the J idol terms. Poor women are merely slaves


This informative article reminds me from my personal boyfriend’s workplace: He renders him really works away from 10am so you’re able to 11pm so we are unable to have any privacy or invest an enjoyable nights together with her thumbs-up This country try ill.


Where carry out I even start off with the newest “absurdity” away from everything you talked about? For one, your stated that the latest key group of idol globe try middle-aged Guys. It is far from, not really of the a lengthy sample. The new key group is actually Teenage boys and Younger Men. To even signify it’s center-old guys form you’ve been drinking new news Kool-help exactly like you who’s got never went to a keen idol concert, or been to a keen idol handshake experience. We have over these things Repeatedly, and simply according to thousands of hours of my very own observation, I really come across a great deal more teenagers than anyone else, accompanied by little girls, and children. The sole center-old males I have ever seen within idol occurrences, for example AKB-associated occurrences, are there chaperoning their Kids. Thus yeah, unless of course you’ve seen it first-hand, you’re only perpetuating a comparable falsehoods the media are doing, and thus their argument was instantaneously moot if you ask me contained in this esteem.

Sexual titillation? Most? The whole idol community for you is nothing more than tissue business? Achieved it actually ever happen to your one to ount away from idol fans love the music, the fresh new dancing, therefore the personalities of one’s women more than their looks? Actually, for folks who evaluate a lot of the AKB lady, around commonly too many which can be easy towards attention. extremely seem like typical, relaxed girls. And you may yes, there are really, extremely stunning lady for the AKB, and many of them beauties would gravure really works, however, why ought not to they? If they’re blessed with prime bodies, if they only all of the wear activities and you can hide just what these include naturally privileged having? I am definitely perhaps not these are new underage people, or at least I hope you are aware you to definitely.